Socality Conference San Diego


Just a week or so ago, our team had the privilege of heading up South for the Socality Conference. We started the kick off of this tour in San Jose, and headed straight to San Diego to be with a very millennial, heart driven, creative group of people. This generation is so passionate about eternity, and each individual clearly had a very special creative gift. Whether it was photography, social media, designing, singing, playing an instrument, building relationships and etc, they all knew they held something in their hand with a purpose. 

We were so honored to be asked to lead worship in each of the morning and night sessions, and walked away with an overall humbling experience on how the presence of God is so real, so moving, and so at work today! 

I asked to hear from a few members on our team about their outtakes on the week, their most rewarding moments, how they saw God move, and overall summary of their time at Socality.
This is what they had to say;


Alicia Simila:
It was cool to see so many young people that actually cared about doing something good in the world. Also to see people unashamed to worship God the more we worshipped.
There was so much creativity in one place.
So much passion and ambition
It was an inspiring week!

Brianne Harber:
It was rejuvenating to be around people who were solely focused on changing the world with the gifts God has given them.
I loved how deeply passionate they were and that it wasn't just surface level.
I'm excited to see how they grow as a generation.
It was so e
xciting to see our team united! It was a very tangible experience for our team, and this trip really helped remind me of the why behind what we do. That it is for something greater than ourselves!
Our teams heart and passion were so raw, it reminds me why I do it with these people.
Genuine worship.
Socality was a small glimpse of the big dream coming to life, and what the future holds.

Jamin Steel:
Socality was not your typical conference. It brought in a unique and fresh crowd. The few days that our team spent out in San Diego was very bonding, and I'm thankful for the new relationships that we all formed with the community!

Graham Bronczyk:
It was pretty amazing to see God touch people through using us as vessels for His presence.
It was also so good to see what God was doing through our team, and uniting us, bringing us closer in friendship and relationship.
I noticed the transformation through the different sessions, and was observing how people were talking about how they had never really worshipped like that before.
They were opening up, jumping around, enjoying celebrating God. 
I'm really excited for the future!